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A smarter way to achieve your ESG performance goals

We provide ESG data analytics and insights to groups and sectors interested in the environmental performance of oil and gas companies. We aggregate and enhance critical ESG data in-house and bring it to your fingertips, so that you can quickly and easily make ESG-friendly decisions.

Our ESG experts offer customized data-driven guidance to evaluate ESG performance, pursue improvement goals, or accelerate asset transaction evalutions. Our experienced team brings you ESG certainty when it comes to oil and gas operational excellence, A&D strategy and due diligence, and board advisory.​​

Climate Change and Energy Demand

  • Global GHG emissions have reached a peak of almost 60 Gt CO2e per year, in correlation with the rapid rise in energy supply – which accounts for 75% of all emissions
  • At current rates, the world runs out of the 1.5°C carbon budget within this decade and the Paris Agreement “well below 2°C” is reached by mid-2030s
  • The planet faces a dual challenge of (1) meeting the growing energy demand of the world while (2) having to significantly or completely reduce the related emissions
  • As a consequence, ESG has become one of the most important drivers of investor behavior, reshaping capital flows across all industries

The Growing Importance of ESG

  • Stakeholders are increasingly turning to ESG performance frameworks to evaluate the long-term sustainability of businesses – thereby creating additional incentives for transparency, accountability, and performance on ESG matters
  • Yet, access to independently sourced and enhanced ESG data remains out of reach
  • With oil and gas accounting for over 50% of the global energy mix, ESG Dynamics presents the critical intelligence on asset or company-level performance in this space
  • We go beyond GHG emissions, to other areas such as inactive wells, surface spills, hazardous gas exposure risks, and violations of regulatory norms

ESG and Upstream Oil & Gas

  • Oil and gas will play a key role in the global energy supply mix over the long term and the industry must decarbonize, improve measurement, eliminate fugitive sources of emissions, and provide transparency of its performance
  • Consistent with actions from the broader investor community, oil and gas investors and capital providers are making ESG performance a top priority
  • Our experienced team brings forward a deep understanding of all aspects of the oil and gas business and a wholistic view on the industry’s environmental footprint

Find the ESG data analytics and expert insights that fit your needs

Whether you choose to streamline your workflows via our web accessible Energy Modules or perform targeted analysis with the support of our consulting and advisory teams, ESG Dynamics provides the insight that matters to you.​

Real-world tested. Created with you in mind.

We support all sectors and stakeholders of the oil and gas industry.​

Access independent, consistent, and reliable information related to surface operations and operator environmental performance. Excessive flaring and long term inactive wells carry a degree of risk that affects land usability and value. Navigate the data and gain insight into your land and minerals, as well as operator environmental track record. Empower yourself with data to differentiate the best performers when choosing an operator for your property.

Streamline workflows related to your environmental performance metrics, KPIs, and reporting. Gain efficiency and maximize focus on the core competencies of your business. Create benchmark portfolios and lead peer groups and wider industry. Empower management with independent data and ease of access, and foster transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement across all layers of your organization.

Navigate to your portfolio and benchmark internally and externally. Gain insight into your performance and become an industry leader. Set targets, publish reports, and align all key stakeholders. Achieve speedy access to critical environmental performance intelligence and prioritize opportunity sets. Identify critical risk areas early into transaction evaluation and avoid surprises down the road. Audit regulatory performance with ease and efficiency.

Grow your understanding of drivers of collateral coverage or risk across your existing portfolio and new opportunities. Identify operator environmental track record and performance over time. Gain the insight you need to flag and quantify areas of risk – such as wells with prolonged periods of inactivity, sometimes spanning decades, posing a liability that may be meaningfully underestimated. Extract environmental metrics for internal and external reporting and portfolio management.

Assess the environmental state of your portfolio, benchmark operators large and small, identify the leaders and the lowest quartile performers. Reinforce and strengthen your investment decision-making, set goals and pose targeted questions as stakeholders. Improve your wholistic understanding of sustainability metrics. Empower yourself and your organization to drive transparency, accountability, and environmental performance improvement.

Differentiate asset and operator related risks, gain insight into core behaviors and practices, and deduct areas with higher degree of exposure to liabilities. Enable your organization to cover a wide range of factors from emissions to areas such as inactive wells, surface spills, hazardous gas exposure (i.e., H2S) risks, and violations of regulatory norms. Track operator activity in drilling, completions, and workovers.

Elevate compliance verification capabilities, efficiently identify bad actors, and enable targeted focus on highest risk operators and players for inquiry, inspections, and/or audits. Review and rank operator emission profiles and validate environmental permitting. Navigate flaring and fuel use intensities and concentrations by area and identify emerging trends. Progress industry-wide operational excellence and environmental performance.

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