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We unite data from diverse sources and provide you critical oil & gas ESG intelligence, so you can focus your efforts on targeted analysis and the most impactful opportunities for ESG performance improvement.

Energy Modules

Get a holistic view of the environmental footprint across land and assets to understand oil and gas related emissions, risks, and liabilities.

Navigate data across regulatory agencies to confirm consistency of reporting and internal/external media.

Key features

  • Powerful data visualization and interaction
  • Efficient parsing and filtering of data
  • Intuitive views customization
  • Tabular data and export capabilities

Wells, production, performance trends

Take control and seamlessly navigate production in detail. Explore competitor performance and extract actionable intelligence. Define groups based on geography or production characteristics and extract deep insight that matters to you. Data aggregation by well, lease, company, or basin empowers you with game-changing analytics to save time and focus your team in just a few clicks.

Flaring, venting, and fuel/lease gas use

Stay on top of the latest industry trends by tracking company-reported metrics. Understand your top sources to target emissions reductions. Fuel gas use, venting, and flaring jointly account for over half of the total reported U.S. oil and gas greenhouse gas emissions. Data visualization helps you assess your reporting accuracy and monitor your emissions. Our in-house calculators keep you on track to achieve your targets.

Inactive wells

Identify unplugged inactive wells, especially long-term idle boreholes at risk of mechanical deterioration. Prevent air emissions, surface or groundwater pollution incidents, and the significant associated restoration costs. Understand the risks at the detail relevant for your enterprise. Track plugging cadence and reduce future liabilities by making informed decisions.

Drilling and completions activity

Keep a close eye on operator and competitor permitting, drilling, and completions activities. These energy-intensive operations may contribute significantly to an operator’s emissions profile. Control your total emissions profile relative to reporting thresholds, using our activity-related emissions estimation algorithm combined with emissions from other sources.

Air emissions events

Monitor reported air emissions events with tools that empower you to act. Air releases, both operations-related and unplanned, affect many stakeholders. Access full report data for detail and insight of never-desirable releases of hazardous contaminants from processing plants, refineries, production batteries, and other regulated facilities. Seize opportunities to reduce sources, improve reliability, and limit risk and liabilities by understanding the frequency, volumes, causes, and remediation actions.

Spill events

Prioritize spill prevention actions by identifying trends in the types, causes, and locations of spills. Equipment failure causes most hydrocarbon spills, followed by corrosion/rust, human error and theft. Reliability improvements, trained personnel, and proper asset security protocols, lead to a better image of your business and a healthier bottom line.

EPA GHG reporting

Understand the sources and categories contributing to emissions profile at facility, basin, or company level. In the U.S., the oil and gas industry reported greenhouse gas emissions comprise the second largest category by tonnage and the most reporting parties, making EPA data a visible scorecard of industry performance. Use this intelligence to gauge your performance, benchmark competition, guide investment decisions, and drive emissions reduction efforts.

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